Ángel Haro, about Isco: “He has offered himself”

Since he broke ties with Sevilla in the winter market, isco is without equipment. Despite the fact that he was close to joining Unión Berlin, the possibility of Germany fell on the horn and the man from Malaga was left without a new project for the second round of the season at the last second.

Now the possibility of signing for Sevilla opens. He is free and could sign at any time for any team. Ángel Haro, president of Betis, valued the option of the former Sevilla in the run-up to the Europa League duel against Manchester United.

The Isco route opens when it is confirmed that Fekir will be low until the end of this season after breaking the crusader. Will someone come to replace him? “The club is still open to options, we saw what was on the market, but finally we decided to continue with this squad. Rule out a substitute? At 99 percent it is impossible for anyone to come…”, he advanced. “isco? They are names that are there, logically he is a good player, he offers himself as more players offer, but being respectful of any player, I think we have a great squad and it’s the group that has brought us here.” From his words, it seems that Isco’s arrival at Betis is very unlikely.

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