Anderlecht – Villarreal live: Conference League today, live

Trigueros overtakes a dominating Villarreal

Villarreal goes to rest with a victory by the minimum on the scoreboard and gain advantage in the tie. Trigueros scored.

the meeting started with equality and very little rhythm of the two teams, although with the passing of the minutes Villarreal has been taking control of the party

Chukwueze was the first to warn and Raman also forgave act followed. Villarreal played from one side to the other without specifying the occasions and generating danger. However, finally Trigueros opened the scoring at the far post, very lonelyafter the assist of Chukwueze.

Anderlecht have only tried it with Amuzu on the left, creating danger, but without worrying Setién too much. the meeting little by little it has hardenedwith a lot of interruption, testing the yellows with crosses to the area in the final stretch.

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