Ana Moser is a rare example of the right person in the right folder – 03/12/2023

In this country that needs so many meetings, although there are so many disagreements, Ana Moser is the right person in the right folder.

The evidence came on the day of his nomination, but it grows every day and is explicit in the excellent report by reporter Carlos Gil, in Esporte Espetacular this Sunday.

Ana talks about democratizing the practice of sport.

And he explains what that is, when talking about actions linked to the Ministry of Sport and Health.

It practices by creating the Bolsa Atleta and presenting it to pregnant athletes who, as a result, miss training periods and, consequently, competitions.

The criticisms from the beginning of January, when he spoke about E-Sports, did not make sense. Because if she made a mistake in communication, she was right in making it clear that the role of the Ministry is to provide access to sports. In a country where schools don’t have courts, it is obvious that the priority is to take the child to where he can play soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, practice athletics, swimming.

E-Sports are sport. They are just not a government priority at this time of the struggle.

Ana Moser makes it clear in Carlos Gil’s report that she knows what the fight is. And she knows the way to win the uphill battle that lies ahead.

Turning Brazil, after centuries, into a sporting country.

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