Alianza defeats Pasto in game of the third day

Alianza Petrolera received Deportivo Pasto to catch up in the BetPlay League. At the Daniel Villa Zapata, the match corresponding to the second date of the championship was played between two teams that needed victory, Pasto to enter among the eight and the locals to leave the last places in the standings.

Hubert Bodhert’s team struck first. Deportivo Pasto lost a ball in the middle of the field and had a hard time coming back, for this reason Alianza’s attack took it in a bad position in defense and Sebastián Acosta was able to easily receive a cross from the left to beat goalkeeper Diego Martínez with a header.

Seeing how the game started, coach Flabio Torres decided to make his team’s first substitution at minute 22. Gilberto García entered the field of play and Juan Garavito came out who already had a yellow card. Alcatraz entered to give more space and output to his team in attack.

The first half was dominated by Alianza Petrolera who had the ball and the options, but it was difficult for them to create with more depth to reach the second goal. El Pasto was not clear, he gave up the ball and played in his own half, however, he stopped his defense well to avoid another score against.

Second half: Great goal and victory for Alianza

The second time Alianza did not change and had the highest percentage of possession, more goal opportunities and played more in the opposite field, but he still did not clearly reach the final play, he stayed in the defense of Pasto and his goalkeeper.

Pasto decided almost definitively that he was going to defend himself and He had no arrivals or dangerous approaches to the goal of the premises. The weather and the forcefulness of Alianza with the tenure, did not allow the visitors to at least try with a shot on goal.

The match also had a great goal. In an exit from Pasto, Alianza recovered the ball in the middle of the field, made a few passes, Manjarrés took it and gave a perfect pass for Mayer Gil to stop it and position himself with a half chalaca to beat Diego Martínez again. Great Alliance score.

The game closed with a goal from Pasto and another from Alianza. Alcatraz García took a free kick that the goalkeeper Chunga could not contain and the locals reached the third with a counterattack that Gil finished so that the 90 minutes ended with a definitive 3-1.

Alianza is still missing a match against Millonarios corresponding to the third day of the League, while Pasto is already up to date. On the eighth date, Alianza Petrolera will receive Unión Magdalena and Pasto will visit Once Caldas.

On the leaderboardThose led by Bodhert are in eleventh place with eight points while Flabio Torres’ team is 13 with seven units.


Gilberto Garcia (26′, Mateo Garavito), Royscer Colpa (45′, Freddy Florez), Vincent Prado (60′, Camilo Ayala), Joffre Escobar (60′, Johan Campaña), santiago orozco (61′, Harrison Mojica), Andres Morales (61′, Sebastian Acosta), steven rodriguez (68′, Ferlys Garcia), Matheo Castaño (74′, Adrian Estacio), Daniel Moreno (74′, Johan Caicedo), mayer gil (75′, Luis Miguel Angulo)


1-0, 17′: sebastian acosta2-0, 80′: mayer gil2-1, 86′: Gilberto Garcia3-1, 94′: mayer gil


Referee: Juan Pablo Alba Serna
VAR referee: Mauricio Perez Ríos, Sebastián Vela Rodríguez
Camilo Ayala (8′,Yellow) matthew garavito (8′,Yellow) towers (14′,Yellow) Luis Miguel Angulo (30′,Yellow) Harrison Mojica (40′,Yellow) Ruben Manjarres (45′,Yellow) ferlys garcia (47′,Yellow) diego martinez (58′,Yellow) Jose Luis Chunga (75′,Yellow)

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