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Alfredo Solares, el Pelón Solares, an actor who had a prolific career in Mexican cinema, where he stood out for his outstanding participation in the so-called file cinema, died at the age of 88, the National Association of Actors reported yesterday on its social networks. .

“ANDI México communicates the sensitive death of the acting partner Alfredo Pelón Solares, Mexican actor, director and screenwriter,” the institution published.

Originally from the state of Nuevo León, Alfredo Solares was born on December 9, 1934 and practically his entire life was spent within artistic spaces: his father owned a traveling tent that had stops throughout Latin America. His nickname Baldy was given to him because he was forced to shave his head for a play that he starred in at the beginning of his career. The stage covered him from a very young age, marking his vocation forever.

Twitter-tweet”>”>@ANDIMexico announces the sensitive death of interpreter partner Alfredo “Pelón” Solares.

Mexican actor, director and screenwriter, he won an Ariel Award for his dramatic role in the film El homicida, in 1990.

We send our condolences to his family and friends.

— ANDIMEXICO (@ANDIMexico)”>March 20, 2023

Who was Alfredo “Pelón” Solares?

His career formally began in 1962 in the film Los Falsos héroes; but, it was in 1977 when he got fully involved in acting. Solares’ highlights began with Mujeres de cabaret, which marked his path in participation in erotic comedy films as well as actor, director and producer of a varied catalog of films in this category.

He appears in the frames of a total of 123 national feature films, where he shared credits with figures such as Carmen Salinas, Rafael Inclán and Alfonso Zayas.

“I was one of the creators of the Cine de Ficheras, for us they were happy, fun films. Those of us who made this type of film took it as part of the fun for the cinema, at first it took us a bit of work, but in the end people accepted it. It was never the intention to make it rude, many people told us that they did not see the morbidity, but rather that it made them laugh to see Zayas in his underwear, ”he declared on one occasion.

Regarding the treatment received by women who appeared in sequences with little clothing, El Pelón stressed that icons of the genre such as Lyn May and Isela Vega were always “treated with respect” and “always cared for them.”

Despite his outstanding presence in the film industry, official recognition came to him in 1990 for his role in El homicida, with which he won the Ariel Award for Best Actor in a Picture.

The 80s were the golden age of Alfredo Solares, but he continued his acting career until 2017, the year in which he filmed the last film of his life: Sex makes me laugh 5.

Other films that were part of his repertoire were Los verduleros (1986), El yerberito (1997) and El rey de las ficheras (1989). As a screenwriter, he participated in Las vedettes (1983) and Fray Justicia (2009).

The remains of the actor are being veiled in a funeral home in Cuernavaca, Morelos, the city where he has lived in recent years and where he has taught acting since 2000. His closest relatives They did not give details of the causes of death, but it was known that he had faced various health problems.

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