Alert that these 16 well-known applications have a fatal virus

For some years it is difficult to conceive of life without a smartphone that accompanies us everywhere. In fact, you are most likely reading this on yours. Possibly while listening to music on Spotify, or maybe once you close this page you enter Twitter, WhatsApp or Instagram.

Definitelywe have mobile phones full of applications. Some tremendously popular and others less known, but very useful. And even, unless your storage is bad, surely you have some that you never or almost never use. With this you have to be carefulespecially if they are from little-known creators.

McAfee discovers that 16 popular applications have been infected with a malware

During one of their studies, the scientists of this cybersecurity company have detected that there are 16 applications infected with a malware. For those with little knowledge of computing, let’s understand it as a virus. Although those who are more informed will know that there are some differences, since the virus is only one type of malware. But the important thing is that it causes your mobile phone to act corrupted.

This cyberattack speeds up the mobile, making it use up more battery and mobile data. In the worst case, they can steal personal information that you have stored, so we are talking about a very serious matter. Google and Apple have already removed them from Google Play and the App Store, but if you have them installed you must be the one to delete them.

The complete list of the 16 apps that you should remove if you have them installed

In order to notify all those affected, McAfee has made public the list of applications corrupted by this malware and the full number of downloads for each one. Some are very little known, but one exceeds ten million installations. We leave you the entire list:

  • High Speed ​​Camera (10,000,000 downloads)
  • Smart Task Manager (5,000,000 downloads)
  • Flashlight+ (1,000,000 downloads)
  • 달력메모장 (1,000,000 downloads)
  • K-Dictionary (1,000,000 downloads)
  • BusanBus (1,000,000 downloads)
  • Flashlight+ (500,000 downloads)
  • quick note (500,000 downloads)
  • Smart Currency Converter (500,000 downloads)
  • joycode (100,000 downloads)
  • ezdica (100,000 downloads)
  • Instagram Profile Downloader (100,000 downloads)
  • Ez Notes (100,000 downloads)
  • 손전등 (1,000 downloads)
  • 계산기 (100 downloads)
  • Flashlight+ (100 downloads)

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