Albert Soler’s lobby, founded by José Blanco, registers LaLiga as a client in the EU

Albert Soler will be denounced by Barcelona Prosecutor’s Office in the ‘Negreira case’, as published THE SPANISH. The former director of Barcelona and former director of sports Superior Sports Council will accompany Oscar Grauformer CEO of Barcelona, ​​and Josep Maria Bartomeu in the accusation for crimes of corruption in business and unfair administration.

The ex-politician and former sports manager has been working since last January in Accent Public Affairsthe lobby founded by the former socialist minister jose white and chaired by the former popular minister Alfonso Alonso. Soler’s signing came to create a new division in the sport and after his abrupt departure from the CSD due to the loss of confidence of Jose Manuel Franco on his person.

The relationship between Albert Soler and javier thebes has caused that since then the figure of The league as an Accent customer. In addition, the lobby has already registered the employer as a client on the transparency page of the European Union. LaLiga appears along with five other companies as clients in the current financial client.

Public Affairs Accent Sheet in the EU Transparency Registry

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It must be remembered that here the figure of Soler acquires a greater dimension, since he was one of the founders of the super league as director of sports FC Barcelona. Therefore, the former socialist leader not only knows the substance of the matter but also attended meetings and had confidential information about the project during its initial stage.

Acento is legally represented before the EU by Esteban González Guitartson of the popular leader gonzalez pons. In addition, the office in Brussels It is directed by the former socialist leader Elena Valenciano.

The lobby works with The league for more than two years in different sectors. However, the threat of the Super League and the new division of Acento focused on sports under the leadership of Albert Soler had strengthened the relationship with Javier Tebas’s employers as a client.

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Albert Soler was the great ally of Javier Tebas both in trying to achieve the disqualification of Luis Rubiales as in the processing of the Sports Lawas reported THE SPANISH. From that close union, a lucrative relationship was reached for Soler with LaLiga as a client.

Despite the fact that the signing of Albert Soler by Acento became known in January, a few weeks after his departure from the CSD, the former sports director of FC Barcelona does not appear on the consultant’s website. The controversy over his involvement in the club’s payments to the vice president of the Technical Committee of Referees He has now completely altered his new life as a lobbyist working on various issues for LaLiga.

Soler already declared in the prosecution for the ‘Negreira case’ and will be denounced in the coming days when the final report of the investigations is presented. The Federation He also put the focus on him in his press conference with the referees, since Andreu CampsSecretary General, stated that “a man with government responsibility knew about the payments and never denounced them.”

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javier thebesFor the moment, he has not publicly explained his relationship as a client of the lobby where Albert Soler currently works, nor has he confirmed whether he will continue working with this company once it has been revealed that the former CSD sports director will be charged by the Prosecutor’s Office for corruption in business and unfair administration.

Albert Soler’s scandals also haunt LaLiga and what Soler’s role is in this new division of Accento. Thebes intensified the employer’s activity in Brussels on the occasion of the trial for the monopoly of the Uefa and the FIFA in the ‘Superliga case’. In fact, he held an act with MEPs that he called ‘Defending the ecosystem and tradition of European football’ and in which he requested protection laws against the project led by Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Juventus before a possible defeat in the Court of Justice of the European Union.

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