Albert Soler leaves the lobby of José Blanco and Alfonso Alonso for his accusation in the ‘Negreira case’

Albert Soler will not continue in the lobby Accent after being denounced by the prosecution next to Josep Maria Bartomeu and Oscar Grau for the payments of FC Barcelona to Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira. The former director general of Superior Sports Council has agreed to this temporary separation after the information revealed by THE SPANISH during the last days.

According to Acento, the decision has been made by Albert Soler himself and has been accepted by Alfonso Alonsopresident of the consultancy and former popular minister, and jose white, founder of the company and former socialist minister. Soler signed for the lobby last January after a long political career in which he became Secretary of State for Sport during the Government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and after having been director of professional sports at Fútbol Club Barcelona between 2014 and 2021.

After leaving the Catalan club, Albert Soler became the sports director of the CSD until he joined Acento. His stage in the consultancy is therefore reduced to only the last two months. Until this Thursday, March 9, the former Catalan politician held the position of director of the new sports and entertainment industry area created by the lobby.

[El lobby de Albert Soler, fundado por José Blanco, registra a LaLiga como cliente en la UE]

Three people specialized in sports and public affairs worked alongside Soler, who will continue their work in the company, according to Acento. In addition, the company ensures that the departure of the former sports director of FC Barcelona is a “temporary pause” in his relationship so that Albert Soler can focus on his defense.

During the last days, THE SPANISH informed that Albert Soler would be denounced by the prosecution in the ‘Negreira case’ and that he conspired with javier thebes to disable Luis Rubiales. The objective of Soler, then director of sports of the CSD, was to occupy the presidency of the Real spanish soccer federation through a manager.

THE SPANISH also published this Wednesday that Acento had registered LaLiga as a client on the transparency portal of the EU. Soler, who was a director of FC Barcelona when the creation of the super league, In less than two years, he had gone from being the founder of the competition to working as a lobbyist for the employers’ association chaired by Javier Tebas.

Soler’s future

Albert Soler is now waiting for the prosecution present the final report of the investigations on the payments of FC Barcelona to the vice-president of the referees. The former director of the club was already questioned during the investigations and will be accused along with bartomeu, at that time president, and Grau, CEO of the club until the arrival of Laporta, of the crimes of continuous corruption in businesses within the sports field and unfair administration.

When the Prosecutor’s Office presents its complaint to the judge, it will be known if those two crimes are also added to those of documentary falsification. Soler’s future, therefore, now involves preparing his defense for the trial of the biggest scandal in the history of sports in Spain.

[Albert Soler conspiró con Javier Tebas para echar a Rubiales y quedarse como presidente de la RFEF]

Albert Soler thus closes his brief stage as a lobbyist suddenly and after having left the CSD due to the lack of confidence of Jose Manuel Franco at your job. The former director of Barcelona had serious confrontations with the president of the CSD due to his closeness to javier thebes and his continued attempts to further the interests of The league.

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