Albert Soler, former director of Barcelona and CSD, will be denounced by the Prosecutor’s Office in the ‘Negreira case’

The Barcelona Prosecutor’s Office will denounce Albert Soler under the ‘Negreira case‘. The former director of FC Barcelona and of the CSDas EL ESPAÑOL advanced, he was already questioned and will join Josep Maria Bartomeuformer president of the club, and Oscar Grauformer CEO, in a complaint for crimes of corruption in business and sports.

There will be four people denounced, adding to the Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira, in a text that will soon be presented in the courts of Barcelona. stays out Javier Enriquez Romeroson of the former vice president of the Referees Committee, under suspicion for his close relationship with the referees.

The club leaders (Bartomeu, Grau and Soler) also fall under an alleged crime of unfair administration. Barça will also be charged as a legal person for a crime of continued corruption in business (in sport).

[Albert Soler conspiró con Javier Tebas para echar a Rubiales y quedarse como presidente de la RFEF]

Albert Soler was the director of professional sports for Barcelona between 2014 and 2021, years in which the Barça entity paid the company of the vice-president of the referees. He knew, therefore, said payments, and after his departure from the culé entity he held the position of general director of sports of the Superior Sports Council until this month of January 2023.

Soler has been investigated as one of those allegedly responsible for Barça’s payments to Enríquez Negreira’s company, DASNIL 95 SLbetween the years 2016 and 2018, a period that was initially investigated and that lasted until 2001. His statement in the interrogation followed the line of Bartomeu and Grau, arguing that the agreement with the former number two of the referees was inherited from the time of Joan Laporta.

Soler’s name came into the public sphere when Andrew fieldsSecretary General of the RFEFduring the appearance of the CTA On the ‘Negreira case’, he explained that they were investigating whether someone with “governmental responsibility” (referring to Albert Soler) could know about the payments.

“During this time, the RFEF has been able to verify that there would be someone who, knowing the facts first hand, did not denounce them when they had government responsibilities and is studying whether any responsibility could be derived and if a complaint could be filed,” Camps said in the Press conference.

Relationship with Thebes

In turn, the figure of Albert Soler is closely linked to that of javier thebes, president of La Liga. After his departure from the CSD, the former culé executive found a place in Accentthe consultancy and lobby that was founded by José Whiteformer minister of PSOEand presides alfonso alonsoformer minister of PP and mayor of victory for eight years.

Soler was ‘signed’ by Blanco in January to create a new line of business in the sports industry that he had to lead. The lobby, as confirmed by various sources in the world of football to THE SPANISHworks with LaLiga “on various issues of public affairs“. The relationship with Thebes dates back to before, organizing a conspiracy to kick Rubiales out and keep Soler as president of the RFEF, as this newspaper learned.

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