After winning the Proof of the Angel, Cezar and Larissa choose who they will immunize

The brothers Cezar and Larissa decide who they will immunize in this week’s Paredão

This Saturday, 03/11, the Prova do Anjo and the brothers Larissa It is Cezar Black won. After a conversation, they reached a consensus on who they will immunize.

Larissa and Cézar at ‘BBB23’

Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo / Márcia Piovesan

At first, Larissa wanted to immunize her sister Bruna Griphaoyour faithful companion in the house, while Cezar Black would like to save Gabriel Santana.

To be fair, Larissa and Cezar found the right person to immunize. “I would immunize Amanda easily“, said the brother during the conversation. “At the level of approximation, it’s Amanda“. And the sister added: “Amanda is my priority“. That way, the one who will be saved from the wall will be the doctor.

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