After buying land on the Moon, Lula becomes a partner in a stud farm located in Saturno – 07/03/2023

Lula had declared that deputy Juscelino Filho would only remain in the Ministry of Communications if he managed to “prove his innocence”. After meeting with the boss, the horse minister took to social media to boast that he had cleared up what he called “baseless accusations”. He announced that he will travel with Lula to Manaus and Santarém later this month.

In Congress, União Brasil leaders treat Juscelino’s survival as Lula’s payment for services already rendered, as the party helped approve the Transition PEC. There is not the slightest risk that a relationship like this will turn out well.

Administrative relationships are governed by a logical combination of factors. If a minister makes demoralizing moves, he is fired. If the president keeps the aide in office as if nothing had been discovered about him, the government is demoralized. If the demoralization happens before the 100-day anniversary of the government, the four years of the mandate are spoiled.

In addition to Juscelino, União Brasil is represented in government by Daniela do Waguinho, who took the sticky trail of her political relations with four militiamen in Rio to the Ministry of Tourism; and Waldez Góes, who arrived at the Integration portfolio accompanied by a conviction for impropriety and a judicial blockade of assets and BRL 797,000.

Feeling passed over, the leader of the Union in the Chamber, Elmar Nascimento, demanded to keep Codevasf under his domains, the conduit through which funds from the secret budget flowed by the thief during the Bolsonaro administration. Lula gave everything the Union asked for. And she still hasn’t received her change. She will have to give something more. Everyone knows how this movie ends.

The purchase and sale operation signed by Lula with União Brasil became an unbalanced deal. In it, there is a lot of “take it there” and very little “give it here”.

Lula had already bought land on the Moon when he handed over three ministries to a party that calls itself “independent” in Congress. By keeping the Minister Mango Larga in the Communications portfolio on the assumption that he will guarantee the loyalty of his party in the Legislative, the President became a partner in a stud farm in Saturno.

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