Abel Ferreira is punished with one game for kicking the microphone in the Super Cup final with Flamengo

O Superior Court of Sports Justice gave the coach a two-game suspension Abel Ferreira for the expulsion in the decision of the Supercopa do Brasil, against Flamengo, and the coach of Palmeiras will still have to play a game, being embezzled in the debut of the Copa do Brasil or Brasileirão. Assistants João Martins and Vítor Castanheira received a penalty game each and are released.

The trio was framed in article 258 of the Brazilian Code of Sports Justice: “assuming any conduct contrary to sports discipline or ethics”. In the additions of the decision, Abel Ferreira lost patience when a possible corner kick to Palmeiras was not scored and left raging, ‘punching the air and kicking the audio capture microphone’, according to Wilton Pereira Sampaio’s summary.

The technician even tried to defend himself in the STJD. “There was a lot at stake, a title final. There was only a minute left for the game to end, in one of our attacks, our player kicked the ball and it would be a corner kick for Palmeiras. It was clear. But the referee understood that it was a shot goal in favor of Flamengo. That’s when I got up, protested with the referee and, when I went back towards the bench, I hit the microphone”, he claimed. The auxiliaries also presented their versions after also taking the red card.

“The testimonials and video evidence do not rule out the facts, on the contrary, they corroborate the complaint. The behavior of the technical committee was disrespectful to the arbitration team as reported in the summary”, evaluated attorney George Ramalho. “There is a greater degree of disapproval in the conduct of a technician, who is a professional who needs to be prepared for decisive moments like this”, he said.

The rapporteur went further: “It is up to him to be an example for both the commission and his players, and this can also influence the fans themselves. We do have to repress, yes, and punish in an exemplary way those who make these mistakes. Prosecution understands that the infractions are fully demonstrated and asks for the application of penalties to the denounced”, he added, suggesting two penalty games for the coach and one for each assistant.

Auditors Eric Chiarello, Cláudio Diniz, Bruno Tavares and President Luís Felipe Procópio fully agreed with George Ramalho’s vote, defining the punishment for the Palmeiras trio. Despite the announcement of the punishment for Abel Ferreira, the club still has an appeal.

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