A whole journey, by Irene Solà

I have resisted until the last minute to write something related to 8-M. Not because I don’t feel deeply feminist or because it doesn’t seem like a relevant day in which it’s worth shouting very loudly, but because I understand the fact of living, writing or developing any type of project as inseparable gestures from a critical gaze. and a feminist perspective. Every day. All the time. Embedded, macerated, grafted, deep. From simplicity and from humility. In big and small gestures. With the full range of emotions, slips, anger, worries and learning that this entails.

But I also realize that the place from where I look at the world, from where I can analyze it, rework it, play and explore it creatively speaking, has to do with a whole path. With a whole journey that you start green like an inedible fruit. I could cite a long list of authors, artists and thinkers who have influenced me. That they have taken me by the hand, they have pushed me, or they have even tripped me to get here.

Jordi Play

But on this occasion I would like to thank the perseverance of those professors who dedicated their time and energy, and put their morale in jeopardy, to stand before dozens of college students and, as patiently as they could, re-explained what they had already explained millions of times. , what seemed obvious to them for centuries and what we should have known from the beginning.

I want to thank the perseverance of the teachers who opened paths for us

I remember them standing in the classroom, opening paths of discovery, of doubt, of deconstruction, knowing that we understood only part of what they were transmitting to us. Seeing how so many of the ideas, concepts, questions that they tried to share with us, slipped and escaped between the legs of the chairs, the legs and backpacks. Lonely aware that only with a bit of luck, persistence, desire, interest, time, randomness, experiences, choices, we would catch the rest.

Some of these teachers are Sue Thornham, Laura Mercader, Assumpta Bassas or Alisa Lebow, who at different times moved some of the pieces that forever changed my way of understanding and understanding myself in the world.

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