A resident of Mataró retains a house thief and another is arrested by the Mossos

Mossos d’Esquadra from the Mataró (Maresme) police station arrested two people, aged 28 and 38, on March 3 as alleged perpetrators of a crime of robbery with violence at a street address in Blanes de Mataró.

Around 1:40 p.m., the Mossos received a notice informing that there had been a robbery at a home and that the owner had surprised the perpetrators. Upon arrival, the officers attended to the owner of the apartment who had fallen down the stairs and suffered minor injuries in an attempt to restrain one of them. However, a neighbor, who also suffered minor injuries, managed to intercept one of the thieves. In addition, he was able to indicate the agents the escape direction of the second author.

They are released with charges

The detailed description provided by the victim of the violated home shared by the station with the callsigns in service led agents of the Mataró Motorcycle Group to locate the second thief a few minutes later, near the home. At the time of being arrested, that person was located among her effects an x-ray, a proper element to commit this type of robbery.

During the escape, one of the perpetrators dropped a piece of clothing stuffed with jewelry and an electronic device whose use has yet to be determined. The Investigation Unit of the Mataró police station has taken over the investigation, in order to locate the origin of the seized objects.

Both detainees were brought before the Mataró Investigating Court on March 5, which ordered their release with charges.

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