A minor was arrested for threatening a massacre on Instagram at a school in Mallorca

Agents of the National Police in Palma have arrested a minor on Monday in Palma for sending death threatening messages against his schoolmates through a false Instagram profile in which he published images of firearms. The young man assured that he was going to cause a massacre at the school and gave details of the time the shooting would begin, with very specific information about the center and how he would carry out the attack.

The young man’s threats alerted those responsible for the center, who quickly notified the security agents in case they could be true. The young man pointed out where he would start shooting, on a specific floor of the building, to continue later classroom by classroom throughout the center. Members of the police came to establish a security device around the school, which was evacuated in anticipation of an attack.

The police established a security perimeter in the area of ​​the school

In the publication on this fake Instagram profile, made on February 23, photos of firearms were included and it was made sure that shots were going to take place at the school starting at a specific time. The details in the post were plausible, so the security team was deployed around the school.

The threats turned out to be false, but expert agents in social networks from the Cybercrime group of the National Police took the first steps to determine who could be the author of these threats. Once the true author of the publication was suspected, the Technological Crime and Economic Crime group in Palma was informed, which continued with the investigations.

The young man has been arrested accused of a crime of public disorder

The police officers verified how the publication was made from a false profile, and that they were led to think that behind the messages was a student who had nothing to do with the case. the agents found out the identity of the person who had supposedly published the threats and who motivated the police mobilization.

The young man, a minor, was arrested on Monday as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of public disorder. The threats caused great concern among the students of the center after the sudden evacuation of the facilities and the presence of police officers in the vicinity in the event that the warning was true.

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