A ‘Cachitos’ of machismo, by Isabel Garcia Pagan

“I’m looking for a man named Jacq’s. Jacq’s is a tall, strong, very special man. He does not back down from anything, he leaves behind him a unique, unmistakable scent. “A very dangerous scent.” The zipper of Jo Bennet’s red leather jumpsuit sliding down endlessly on the TV in the dining room at home… In 1986 the ad was all the rage. Could you find Jacq’s without unzipping? The answer was no for years.

In 1994, Isabel Coixet directed the Spanish version of an advertisement that was as typical of Christmas as nougats. The leather jumpsuit was black and the model Mónica Van Campen was looking for “very manly men”. 8 years had passed but Coixet herself recalled in The resistance that she had to repeat to the model “I’m sorry, but the agency wants you to lower your zipper more”.

Jacq’s ad is the first macho image that, according to @lab_rtvees, marked the adolescence of those born in the early seventies. It is an interactive that has been causing applause for days, more than a smile, and raising awareness before 8-M: “How machismo marked our adolescence.” If at 13 it was the zipper and Jacq’s, you discover that at 14 you hummed without hesitation Yes Yes of the Ronaldos. “I would have to kiss you, undress you, hit you and then rape you. Until you say yes…”. In 1988 “the sentence of the miniskirt” arrives. A businessman from Lleida is fined for touching the breasts and ass of a 17-year-old employee. He would take care of her “in a special way.” According to the judge, the young woman provoked the boss with her clothes: “she could not contain herself in her presence.”


This is how machismo affected the adolescence of those born in 1973


in that special Little pieces of personalized machismo are not all those who were, but they were all who are, recalls a tweeter. Elena Francis’ office for dedicated and submissive mothers and wives–“dear friend: sacrifice yourself a little”–; the hostesses of the One two Three …; the tyranny of the top models; the beauty tips – “one extra kilo, one less admirer”–; youth magazines –“How do you prefer them, provocative or discreet?”–; the chase for Rosa’s body in Operación Triunfo; and the blue ruler…

@lab_rtvees finishes the job on Tik Tok. What is that blue liquid in the pad ads? Women bled like princesses until… last year! Why blue? asks a reporter on the street. “Is the girl sterile?” replies a young man. “I don’t know, I mean…, blood will come out of there, right?” The wide eyes of his companion… How far have we come? long live the Little pieces sexist…

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