6 tips to find good suppliers on AliExpress

AliExpress is one of the main marketplaces for e-commerces that use the dropshipping model, but it is essential to know how to find good suppliers.

March 10
– 23:30

(updated 3/11/2023 at 2:30 am)

With the advancement in e-commerce, it is becoming easier to open your own online store. One of the commercial modalities that is gaining prominence is dropshipping, in which goods are sent to customers directly from the supplier’s stock — which will be activated by the shopkeeper with each purchase made.

However, to adopt this business model, suppliers need to be reliable, as they will be responsible for representing their brand, guaranteeing the supply and quality of products, in addition to having a commitment to delivery. Thus, to find a good partner, you need to search carefully and carefully.

How to find good suppliers on AliExpress?

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Check out the tips for finding good suppliers below;

1. Positive feedback

Give preference to suppliers that have 95% or more positive feedback and have been in business the longest. Some platform indices to pay attention to are: “Feedback Score”, which shows the sales volume, and the “Positive Feed Rate”, which represents the evaluations that the supplier received.

2. Avoid very low prices

Prices far below the market, especially from new suppliers with little or no feedback, can mean that product quality is compromised.

3. Check the authenticity of the product

To avoid counterfeit products, it’s important to evaluate three aspects of the ad: seller and product feedback scores; other products of the seller that are for sale; sales guarantees and the difference in price compared to competing stores.

4. Assess supplier availability

Take all questions about supplier availability, products and deliveries. Take the opportunity to evaluate the response time.

5. Read item description

Don’t just rely on the photos in the ad to place an order. Carefully read the item description including the details section.

6. Premium shipping option

To avoid problems with delivery time, look for suppliers that have the ePacket shipping option. The delivery time is reduced to up to 20 days, in addition to having the order tracking code.

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