6 Collaboration Four-Hands Dinners in Hong Kong to Book Into Now

It takes two, according to the lyrical genius of Lyn Collins, to make a thing go right. And for these four – some six; one fourteen – hands dinners, it certainly takes at least two culinary personalities to make something exciting and brand-new.

Fashion brands call them collabs; music, remixes. In the context of culinary experiences, a four-hands menu, which pairs two culinary personalities together, ensures at least two, if not entirely disparate, demographics a brand-new experience. And if not, it’s an exciting marketing boost for multi-venue groups like Black Sheep Restaurants to match chefs from different epicurean genres together for numbered-nights-only crossovers. And, well, the MCU did it to great fanfare – why not Hong Kong’s culinary universe?

Crab Club: Chef’s Edition | Hotal Colombo x Grand Majestic Sichuan

When: 7–8 March

Sri Lanka and Sichuan, though many miles and myriads of spices apart, have come together in celebration of one stunning crustacean for two nights only: the mud crab, rendered through the culinary expertise of both Hotal Colombo’s chef Gizzy and Grand Majestic Sichuan’s chef Theign. Paired with spice-led sides from both regional fares, with highlights featuring a Crispy Crab Cake Bao served with a meatless “mapo” chilli crab sauce, a take on the Chinese pork belly bao; Jaffna Crab Claw Kari; and Crab and Potato Noodles, it’s a double-feature showing of crabby, meaty goodness.

Hotal Colombo, 31 Elgin Street, Soho, Central

Pot Au Feu Menu | Écriture x Estro x Ensue Shenzhen

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