5 ideas to attract the consumer of generation Z

Generation Z is made up of people born from the second half of the 1990s onwards. Having grown up in the information and connectivity era, these young people have disruptive behaviors in relation to previous generations — configuring a completely different consumer profile.

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Among its most striking characteristics are the high level of intimacy with the digital universe, strong presence on social networks, interest in fashion and other ways of expressing oneself — influencing its consumption habits. Gen Z is also a very adept audience for e-commerce, as they already have confidence in virtual environments.

According to Marcelo Dantas, specialist in innovation for e-commerce and CEO of Estrela10, it is essential to think about appropriate sales strategies for this audience. Check out five ideas to attract Gen Z below;

5 ideas to attract the consumer of generation Z

(Image: Playback/Freepik)

(Image: Playback/Freepik)

Photo: Canaltech

1. Create a sense of belonging

The feeling of belonging is fundamental for Generation Z, who want to be part of a community that shares their values ​​and life purposes. “Generation Z wants to communicate directly with their interests. Therefore, companies need to dedicate time to create strategies aimed at this purpose”, says Dantas.

2. Make your values ​​clear

Generation Z consumers also seek to consume from companies that go against their values ​​and that are concerned with the same causes. “This audience wants to have clear perceptions of an organization’s values ​​and purposes. Therefore, communication strategies must be directed and worked on in the virtual world, which is where generation Z is”, highlights the CEO.

3. Have admirable initiatives

Diversity and sustainability are non-negotiable concepts for those born in this generation — taking actions in this direction becomes an expectation to be fulfilled by companies. “Working with inclusive marketing and social and environmental responsibility, some of the main values ​​of this generation, are essential for a company to be admired by the Z generation”, he reveals.

4. Create links through quality content

Creating organic content about the brand’s universe that creates a relationship — even if momentary — with these consumers is a much more effective strategy than traditional marketing. The CEO reveals that the ideal is to embed sales opportunities in the contents.

“The classic way of advertising, with colorful banners filled with catchy phrases and flashy promotions, doesn’t work so well with them”, explains the specialist.

5. Ditch traditional marketing methods

To obtain results, it is essential that advertising for this audience is differentiated. One of the specialist bets is influencer marketing. “Marketing for Generation Z needs to be personalized to get results. This audience values ​​authenticity and real-life values ​​and this can — and should — be present in your strategy”, he says.

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