4 high-tech zones

Four cardinal points, four benchmarks in technology. Isabel Díaz Ayuso has revealed her digital roadmap for the next legislature, which involves the creation of four high-tech digital zones around the metropolitan ring.

The regional government has revealed on Wednesday the keys to its main project. “We also want a balanced region in the digital sphere, a region where all citizens have the best opportunities and the highest quality of life regardless of their place of residence or work,” said the president of the Community of Madrid during the meeting held, at the Real Casa de Correos, with the CEOs of important digitization companies.

Thus, the project is designed to extend from north to south and from east to west, involving various municipalities and cities in Madrid. The objective is promote the construction of infrastructures and transformative areas that will reach areas such as aeronautics, culture, livestock, agriculture, logistics, industry or transport, among others.

On social networks, Ayuso explained that “the Community of Madrid has become a European digital giant”. In addition, he affirms that he seeks “full employment, digital leadership, against the gap, for children and youth and prosperity.”

In the tweet that she has published, she is grateful to “Telefónica, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Google, Meta, Netflix, HPE, Amazon and Equinix”.

The Cardinal points

the metropolitan area north will be called ‘Technological Future’from where the Regional Center for Digital and Space Technologies or a Digital Livestock Center will be promoted “to consolidate the primary sector that is so important” for the Madrid economy.

He this will be the great logistics and communication node, establishing itself as “one of the largest business and transport areas in Spain”. In fact, it will house a center that, with European funds, will promote the industry with artificial intelligence to “encourage and facilitate” the transformation of companies in this area.

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The arc south will be that of talent and knowledge, where, among other things, the “largest cultural container” in the region will be created, with the Community Digital Art Center. Likewise, it will be the base from which the Madrid, Aeronautical Engine of Europe initiative will be developed, to be a “continental benchmark” and compete with the two aeronautical centers of the European Union in
Lyon and Hamburg.

Finally, the west will be the space for innovationwhere a Digital Training Reference Center will be launched to alleviate the shortage of professionals in this area, thus responding to the demand for highly qualified jobs that are not covered in the ICT environment.

Sustainable and responsible

On the other hand, the Regional Center for Smart Cities will also be developed, which will use new technologies for an intelligent, sustainable and socially responsible use of cities.

The ten companies that have participated in this meeting with the head of the Madrid Executive have with important expansion or cooperation projects with the regional governmentthrough its various departments.

“Madrid looks from face to face to the capital of the whole world when we talk about digitization and, from the regional government, we know that this is a joint effort and that companies are the true engines of the economy because they create jobs, innovate and generate wealth “, the Madrid leader has transferred them.

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