10 Oscar-winning movies to watch on Globoplay

Those who love to watch Oscar-nominated films or even those that have already won the award, can now check out most of them on streams. Globoplay, for example, is one of the platforms that has invested in feature films awarded by the Academy, having in its catalog options of drama, comedy and even action films that won the long-awaited statuette.

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Thinking about it, the canaltech listed 10 Oscar-winning movies for you to watch on Globoplay. It has recent titles and other older ones, but all awarded for their excellence and quality. Separate the popcorn and good marathon!


Released in 2020, this thriller tells the story of Cassie, a wicked and intelligent woman who lives a double life. An unexpected encounter, however, changes the course of her destiny and gives her the chance to correct the mistakes of the past.

Starring Carey Mulligan and Bo Burnham, beautiful revenge was nominated in five categories, but only won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.


Another famous film that won the Oscar was druk, a feature film directed by Thomas Vinterberg that tells the story of four disgruntled teacher friends in their lives. One day, they test the theory that by maintaining a constant level of alcohol in their blood their lives will improve, but what seems like a genius idea soon gets out of hand.

Starring Mads Mikkelsin, Thomas Bo Larsen, Magnus Millang, Lars Ranthe, the Danish film won the statuette for Best International Film.


Released in 2008 and directed by Gus Van Sant, this film tells the story of Harvey Milk, an American activist who fights for the rights of LGBT+ people. Militant, he becomes the first gay man to take public office in the United States.

Milk debuted at the 2009 Oscars in eight categories, some of them being, but took the statuette in just two: Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay.


If you like musicals and want to see an Oscar-winning film on Globoplay, you can now press play on La La Land: Singing Seasons. The film, starring Emma Stone, JK Simmons, John Legend and Ryan Gosling, tells the story of actress Mia and pianist Sebastian, who fall in love and will, together, try to make their life’s dream come true.

Released in 2016 and directed by Damien Chazelle, the feature was nominated in 14 categories – an absolute success – and took the award in six of them: Best Actress, Best Director, Best Original Music, Best Production Design, Best Soundtrack, and Best Photography.


One of Quentin Tarantino’s most famous films also took a statue home. inglourious bastardsstarring Brad Pitt, tells the story of a group of Jewish soldiers who organize to hunt down and kill Nazis.

Set during World War II, the drama is about revenge, redemption and hatred. Released in 2009, he took the Oscar in the Best Supporting Actor category for Christoph Walt.


A success from the 2000s was also awarded with the most important statuette in cinema. Its about King Konga film that shows a movie actress being kidnapped by a massive gorilla of monumental strength.

The idea of ​​the film shocked and pleased the audience and the specialized critics, who awarded it in three Oscar categories; Best Special Effects, Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing.


A rookie boxer tries to break free from his older brother’s shadow to have his own chance to grow as a professional and a person. This is the synopsis of The winnera 2010 drama, inspired by the story of Micky Ward, an American former professional boxer who competed from 1985 to 2003.

Directed by David O. Russell and starring Amy Adams, Christian Bale, Mark Wahlberg, the film addresses topics such as overcoming, family dramas and love relationships.

The work won the Oscar in the categories Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress.


Another drama film that also took statuettes home was the famous chinatown, by director Roman Polanski. In the plot, a detective investigates a case of infidelity, but soon discovers that the woman who hired him is also hiding some secrets. Thus, he becomes involved in a web of corruption, power and money.

Starring John Huston, Jack Nicholson, Faye Dunawa and released in 1974, the film was nominated for several Oscar categories, including; Best Cinematography, Best Direction and Best Original Screenplay, but ended up taking the statuette only in the last one.


It’s impossible to talk about movies that won the Oscar without mentioning luxury dolla comedy released in 1961 and starring none other than Audrey Hepburn.

In the plot she lives Holly, a call girl who dreams of marrying a millionaire and abandoning the life she leads. Beautiful, shrewd and intelligent, she has no shortage of suitors, but one day she meets Paul, her neighbor, and finds herself torn between love and plans to get rich.

Directed by Blake Edwards, the feature was awarded in the Best Original Score category.


Considered one of the most important films of our time, Parasite, from 2019 was also consecrated with an Oscar statuette. Bong Joon-ho’s feature won the Best Film, Best Director, Best International Film and Best Original Screenplay categories.

The plot accompanies Ki-Woo, a man of humble origin, who gets a job as a private teacher at a rich girl’s house. He and his family then come together and come up with a plan for everyone to get a job at the mansion.

Everything was going well, but a series of unforeseen events completely changed the course of history. Making an acidic social critique of the models of power in our society, Parasite conquered the public and specialized critics.

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